SPIRO® (Spin Radiation Organizer) is the first non-blocking technology solution for Electromagnetic Radiation.  SPIRO® is a nanocomposite material that was developed taking into account the most recent scientific discoveries regarding the properties of gold and other metals and how they react in nanoscale. It is a nanomagnetic formula that induces a Spin Radiation Organizer. Our patented technology acts as a passive filter for electromagnetic waves, neutralizing interferences and improving the radiation propagation pattern in EMF emissions to become compatible with our bioelectrical system. 

The vast majority of products and proposals in the market are focused on blocking radiation by following a shielding approach that is unrealistic and harmful, as it affects the performance of devices and tends to produce a higher amount of radiation.

SPIRO® is entirely different. It is the first non-blocking technology capable of filtering harmful emissions and frequencies from telecommunications, including 5G, protecting your health and the environment while enhancing connectivity and technologies’ functioning.

Every SPIRO® product has different models that only differ aesthetically

You will see different colors and motives for a same product (e.g. SPIRO® CARD blue, white, black-es-2, supernova, etc) that have different costs. The variation in costs is due to a higher complexity in the elaboration process; but the potency and functionality is the same for all models of the same product.

We have built different SPIRO® products to meet different needs. They all have their own purpose depending on their filtering potency and action range, and they bring you more benefits if used properly altogether. 

For example, the SPIRO® CARD has been specially designed for cellphone emissions and small wireless devices such as bluetooth headphones or smartwatches; but it has not enough potency to handle the emissions of a WiFi router or a computer. For those emissions, you should have, additionally, a SPIRO® SQUARE, which has enough potency and action range for those devices. 

But, as robust as the SPIRO® SQUARE is, it might not be enough to filter multiple emissions on a given space. That’s when you need a SPIRO® DISC, a solution with greater range and a considerably strong potency to cover a room with multiple appliances. 

But the SPIRO® DISC needs to be literally stuck on the wall to filter dirty electricity, which is why we made a specialized solution for dity electricity: the STROOM® MASTER.

There are other stronger solutions like the SPIRO® DISC PRO and SPIRO® DISC ULTRA, which are designed for higher emissions levels or especially sensitive individual who require an optimal electromagnetic hygiene at all times.

SPIRO’s nano-composite material began to be tested and certified 7 years ago. Therefore, we guarantee 7 years based on that. But based on the science and what we know of the nano-composite material, its magnetic properties and environmental influence are permanent as long as the products are kept in good shape.

On the other hand, the electronic components in the Stroom Master filter have a guaranteed duration of 3 years (UL Certified).

The lifespan of SPIRO® Products is not affected by the environment where it is placed or the amount of radiation it has to filter day by day.

Yes. You can use protectors of different materials to cover your products, and they won’t affect the product’s functionality or action range.

You can use it horizontally, vertically, facing the front, or facing the back of the product. 

The placement is entirely up to your preference, and however you decide to place it, won’t affect the functionality of the products.

The SPIRO® products are not designet to be water-resistant.  They can get temporarily wet, and you can clean them, as the SPIRO® material is covered by recycled PVC; however, we do not recommed keeping the products inmersed in water, as the PVC material could be deteriorated and expose the SPIRO® films to greater damage, ultimately damaging the whole product. 

SPIRO’s filtering effect is not easily affected by walls or divisions of any material. Walls might decrease the action range, making the extension of the effect smaller; but it doesnt stop working or loses its filtering potency due to material divisions in a space. 

Indeed, the filtering effect of SPIRO® remains in space, it just decreases for several meters and, at certain point, it collapses (high entropy). It depends on the pollution level outside the SPIRO® field. The same happens with the bioelectrical field of the subject immersed in the SPIRO® field.

An interesting fact: The effect remains longer in water. If you have a glass of water, the beneficial effect remains in water for several days.

Yes. SPIRO® protects the health of all living beings by making radiation compatible with their bioelectrical systems. It improves their health and human health equally. 

Yes. You can use SPIRO® safely with medical devices. 

If you have a TriField Meter, Magnetic flux would be the only way that, being very observant, you could notice the effect.

But the most technical way to see it is by using any specialized telecommunications software and analyzing the NOISE LEVEL of the signals in the environment. There you can see the Noise Level reduction as a result of the filtration. It is known as RF SPECTRUM ANALYZERS SOFTWARE or WIFI SPECTRUM ANALYZERS SOFTWARE.

And there are other marks that can be observed there, such as RADIATION PROPAGATION PATTERN and abnormal signal concentrations in space (produced by radiation imbalance and abnormal peaks).

We also verify the functionality of SPIRO® by measuring Biological Effects. Studies have shown how it improves heart rate variability and cellular stress responses.

 No. The SPIRO® products work without batteries and there’s no need to charge them.

There is a SPIRO® product for every daily need. For example, a SPIRO® CARD is enough for your cellphone and up to 3 small wearable devices. The SPIRO® SQUARE is the next level of protection, designed for WiFi Routers, computers and conventional cars. Then we have the SPIRO® DISC, made for spaces such as fully equipped room in your home or your office.

We have stronger formulations for special needs, such as the SPIRO® DISC PRO, which is designed for sensitive individuals, pregnant women, babies, or semi-industrial facilities. 

For more complex cases, we offer specialized assessments to determine the right SPIRO® formulation according to the particular situation and exposure conditions of certain individuals or spaces. 

SPIRO® perfectly works with 5G. Our SPIRO® CARD has an improved formulation that has proven to effectively filter the emissions of the current 5G and can even filter the emissions of a fully deployed 5G network.

SPIRO® does not affect the signals at all. In fact, it has shown a significant improvement in signals, as it eliminates noise and interferences that are commonly present.

Yes. SPIRO® has been tested in multiple laboratories following the FCC parameters. Over the air tests have proven how it improves the signals’ propagation pattern, while Specific absorption Rate tests performed in over 12 different devices confirmed that SPIRO® causes no changes in the performance of the devices and eliminates the peaks in the amount of radiation emitted by the device.

If you want to know more about the tests performed on SPIRO®, visit our Research page.

We have performed several biological tests supported by health professionals and specialized international organizations. For example, the International Society for Electrosmog Research in Germany performed a series of evaluations of the Heart Rate Variability Index with the use of SPIRO® and discovered a significant improvement in the subjects, which led them to certify the SPIRO® solutions as viable for electrosmog protection.

Recently, we also participated in a double blind clinical trial with the Saint-Petersburg Scientific-Research Institute for Physical Culture, which showed how SPIRO® caused a significant improvement in the overall sleep quality of participants. It was also reported that their stress index decreased or remained in the optimal zone. 

If you want to know more about the tests performed on SPIRO®, visit our Research page.

Yes. We have over 1.000 EHS direct and indirect case studies with successful results in different locations of the world.

For water structuration, the recommended potencies are those of the SPIRO® DISC, SPIRO® DISC PRO, and SPIRO® DISC ULTRA. 

The time to achieve the structuration is proportional to the filtering power of the SPIRO® product. For example, a SPIRO® DISC can start the structuring process in about an hour and achieve complete structuring in 4 hours; while a SPIRO® DISC ULTRA could achieve full structuring in under an hour. The longer the product stays nearby water, the higher the level of structuring.

We recommend using a jar or bottle of your preference. Then you can place the product (SPIRO® DISC, SPIRO® DISC PRO, or SPIRO® DISC ULTRA) below the jar. The time you need to achieve a full structuration depends on the potency of the product, as seen in the previous question. 

We have found that the more powerful the product, the stronger the structuration. This means that, for example, with a SPIRO® DISC, water can remain structured for a week, while with a SPIRO® DISC ULTRA, it can remain structured for up to 3 weeks.

For home consumption, people normally use up to a gallon, which ranges from 3.7 to 4 liters.

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