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Discover how the innovative STROOM MASTER filter can improve the quality of energy in your home, protect your appliances, and most importantly, protect your well-being and that of your family, even if you are electrosensitive.

Did you know that...

Dirty electricity, also known as harmonics and transients, can negatively affect the operation of your appliances and have an impact on your health and well-being? The solution to this problem is STROOM MASTER, a state-of-the-art dirty electricity filter that eliminates harmonics and transients, providing clean and stable energy for your home and office, even if you are electrosensitive.

What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity refers to disturbances and fluctuations in the electrical grid that can cause interference and electrosmog in buildings. These disturbances are the result of harmonics and transients generated by electronic devices and appliances in our homes and offices. In addition, interference in the electrical grid amplifies interference in the environment, making it more difficult to mitigate electrosmog in spaces, since the electrical wiring of a building functions as an antenna that attracts high-frequency signals.

The story behind STROOM MASTER

The development and innovation team at NOXTAK, after years of research and working with electrosensitive individuals who manifested discomfort when using dirty electricity filters, realized that it was impossible to filter dirty electricity with the filters available in the market. It was in this way that the NOXTAK team set out to develop a low-pass filter for harmonics and transients that incorporated Spiro material in a filtering power sufficient to neutralize the disturbance produced by the device. This is how STROOM MASTER was born, an electronic dirty electricity filtration device built with SPIRO films incorporated inside as a comprehensive solution, ensuring that these filters do not add a second disturbance component to the environment while removing harmonics from the electrical grid.

How does dirty electricity affect your appliances and your health?

Dirty electricity can cause:

Malfunction and shorter lifespan of appliances.

Greater electromagnetic interference and electrosmog in buildings.

Alterations in sleep quality and higher levels of oxidative stress.

Changes in bodily functions due to nervous and hormonal alterations.

Reasons to choose STROOM MASTER®

Specifically designed for electrosensitive people, without causing them discomfort.

Protects your appliances, extending their lifespan and improving their efficiency.

Reduces electromagnetic interference and electrosmog in your home and office.

Improves the quality of your sleep and reduces oxidative stress in your body.

Helps maintain a healthy hormonal and nervous balance.

Certified by UL, ensuring product quality and safety.

Incorporates NOXTAK technology with 9 SPIRO films, which filter the emissions of the filter itself.

Don’t wait any longer! Protect your home and your family’s health with STROOM MASTER, the most advanced and efficient dirty electricity filter on the market.

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How to know if the STROOM MASTER is working?

The STROOM MASTER not only offers an innovative and effective solution for eliminating dirty electricity in your home and office but also provides the possibility of verifying its operation by using an interference meter in the electrical wiring, such as the BEEM Meter. This device allows you to measure EMI values in mV in the electrical wiring and often includes the function of sound-modulating the noise present on the line, which facilitates the real-time evaluation of the filter’s effectiveness.

By connecting a BEEM Meter to your electrical system before and after installing the STROOM MASTER, you can see and hear the significant reduction in values and noise on the line. This measurement and monitoring capability gives users the confidence that the STROOM MASTER filter is working correctly and protecting their homes and offices from the harmful effects of dirty electricity. Furthermore, by verifying the results for yourself, you can appreciate the true effectiveness of the STROOM MASTER in improving energy quality and reducing electrosmog in your environment.

In addition to verifying the functionality of the STROOM MASTER using a BEEM Meter in the electrical wiring, it is also possible to demonstrate the presence of SPIRO films through a dynamic interference test in the surrounding environment. Tools such as a high-frequency spectral analyzer and a WiFi signal performance analyzer can be used for this purpose. Projects carried out with specialized software such as NETSPOT have shown an improvement in the quality and performance of WiFi signals in environments where the STROOM MASTER has been installed. These tests demonstrate that the SPIRO films integrated into the filter are effective in reducing electromagnetic disturbances and improving the quality of the electromagnetic environment in the home and office.

By having tangible evidence of the effectiveness of the STROOM MASTER through tests and measurements carried out with different devices and tools, users can fully trust the ability of this innovative filter to protect their homes and offices from the negative effects of dirty electricity and electrosmog. In this way, the STROOM MASTER becomes a comprehensive and reliable solution to ensure a healthy and safe electromagnetic environment.

Guide to determine the amount of STROOM MASTER needed in a home

The amount of STROOM MASTER filters needed in a home depends on various factors such as the size of the building, the number of appliances, lighting, and other elements that can increase harmonics and transients in the building. Below is a guide based on research conducted by the NOXTAK team to help you determine how many STROOM MASTER filters are needed in your home:

  1. Connection to main sources of electrical use: The NOXTAK team has found that the STROOM MASTER is most effective when connected to the main sources of electrical use. This includes areas such as the bedroom, where sleep quality can be affected by dirty electricity.
  2. Use in series: The effectiveness of the STROOM MASTER is amplified when used in series. The impact on the building is greater starting from 3 filters.
  3. No direct connection required: It is not necessary to connect a STROOM MASTER to every power outlet in the building or to connect the appliance directly to the filter. It is sufficient for the filter to be plugged into the same line as the appliance to achieve efficient filtering.
  4. Suggested quantity: It is suggested to use one filter per space or at least 4 filters every 100 square meters of building. In the case of smart homes, the need for filters may double due to the presence of magnetic wireless chargers, intelligent light intensity regulators, among others.

Summary of important points

  • Connect STROOM MASTER to main sources of electrical use.
  • Use in series to amplify its effectiveness (from 3 filters onwards).
  • It is not necessary to connect a STROOM MASTER to each outlet or connect appliances directly to the filter.
  • Use one filter per space, or at least 4 filters for every 100 square meters of building.
  • Consider twice the amount of filters for smart homes.

By following this guide, you can determine the number of STROOM MASTER filters necessary to efficiently protect your home from dirty electricity and improve the quality of the electromagnetic environment in your building.