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This kit has been specially packaged having in mind complete dirty electricity protection for homes with an average floor space of 2,000 square feet. The items packaged in this kit are intended to ensure a space free of dirty electricity when used correctly altogether. Studies have shown that the average ideal usage is 1 STROOM MASTER® per 200 square feet. This solution is designed to protect your health, your spaces, and your appliances from the harmful effects of dirty electricity. This Kit is the ideal basic protection for your home, since it has SPIRO® technology incorporated, which constitutes partial protection against high-frequency signals coming from telecommunications in the environment. Studies have shown that even the series installation of the STROOM MASTER® promotes a reduction of interferences in the environments.

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The STROOM MASTER® is a 2-in-1 solution for protection against dirty electricity and intermittent high-frequency radiation. It has an active filter that cleans the noise in the electrical lines of harmonics and transients and all the interference of radio signals that enter the wired system. We recommend installing the STROOM MASTER® using an EMI meter to ensure the full reduction of interferences and the most efficient use of filters in a specific space.

Benefits of this kit:

  • It ensures the maximum reduction of dirty electricity throughout the building, maintaining optimal levels and avoiding peaks of dirty electricity generated in certain spaces of the building.
  • The accumulated SPIRO® power promotes a reduction of interference from WiFi and Bluetooth signals in the environment, according to studies.
  • The installed system has shown to generate an optimization of electrical consumption.



  • AC Filter for Harmonics & Transients (Dirty electricity).
  • Integrated 15-Amp surge protector. 
  • Built-in SPIRO® Technology (Nanomagnetic Polarizing Filter).
  • Covers with SPIRO®  a broader frequency spectrum (Up to 300 GHz).
  • Verifiable functionality with a common EMI LINE METER.
  • LED on/off indicator.
  • Damage-resistant housing.
  • Plug-In Install.
  • Built-In Outlet.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • UL Quality compliance certification.


How to use it?

  1. Plug it into an outlet or power strip.
  2. Check the blue indicator light on the front to verify that the device is on. You can use the stickers inside the packaging to cover the light indicator and avoid unnecessary light at night.
  3. The STROOM MASTER® has a built-in outlet that allows you to plug in any other device or appliance.
  4. Use an EMI meter (electromagnetic interference meter, sold separately) to check before and after levels of dirty electricity. Recommended levels should be below 150 mV minimum, the ideal being below 100 mV.


For an average household or small office, you should use 1 STROOM MASTER®  every 194 sq ft. For example, a house with a 970 sq ft area should have 5 STROOM MASTER® filters installed.

Ideally, install one STROOM MASTER® in each room (Kitchen, Family Room, Living Room, Home Office, Bedroom, etc.). Make sure you install where your main EMF sources are located (Wi-Fi router, microwave oven, etc.)

All homes are different

Just like all people, all houses are different: different number of inhabitants, different needs, more or less devices, some are apartments, others are houses, some are in the city, others on the countryside… There are thousands of possible variations, and they are all important when measuring electrosmog levels in each home.

Based on our experience, we have designed this kit for a standard home with medium levels of electropollution. The products contained in this kit should be sufficient for a 1,000 square foot home with 3 occupants.

But your case could be different, as your house or family could be bigger/smaller, you could have an electrohypersensitive family member, or your house could be near a radio base station or power station. These are factors that could change the environmental conditions in your home, and we are here to help you determine what to add to this kit to achieve the best results.


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